Stay up to date with our programs and services, including in-depth coverage of case management, HIV prevention education, and supportive services to people living with, affected by, or at risk for contracting HIV/AIDS.

  • April 11th, Thursday, 2019

    ARG: Who We Are + What We Do For the Community

    So, who is the Aids Resource Group (ARG)? What does ARG do for our community? These are questions we find ourselves getting often, but we are on a mission to change that.

  • April 8th, Monday, 2019

    10 Reasons Why You Should Get Tested for HIV/AIDS

    One of the many resources we are able to provide in the tri-state is access to free hepatitis C and HIV testing. You may feel nervous about getting tested, but the reasons to test far outweigh the reasons not to test!

  • April 8th, Monday, 2019

    How ARG Helps the Community

    The AIDS Resource Group has been serving the community since 1986, and we are proud to continue to educate Southwesten Indiana on how our services can benefit them in times of need.

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ARG’s goal is to educate and empower the community to recognize and reduce the stigmas associated with HIV/AIDS.

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