​AIDS Resource Group

ARG strives to improve our community health and awareness of the impact of risk factors. Our goals include improving quality of life & increasing healthy behaviors. 

Is your organization a community partner? Are you aware of the HIV Continuum of Care and how all services needed to improve the access to HIV care? 

Contact Executive Director Stacey to learn more at director@argevansville.org 

We are eager to provide harm reduction education to other professionals in addition to learning more about HIV,HCV and STIs. Our prevention team with youth to discuss decision making & consequences of actions 

Have you scheduled an outreach event to increase your clients, staff, or community education and access to services/resources? Contact Prevention Program Manager Missi at msherhorn@argevansville.org to discuss the variety of options ARG offers 


ARG is seeking agency sponsorships to help continue enhancing community wellness. 

We are accepting scholarship donations for events, outreach programs & client services. All financial donations are tax deductible. 

As an agency sponsor, your business name & logo will be displayed on event promotional materials, social media, our website and displayed during outreach events

Contact Executive Director, Stacey at director@argevansville.org to discuss how a sponsorship will benefit both ARG & your business

Donate online at www.argevansville.org

Organize a fundraising event

Schedule an education presentation or outreach event

Encourage others to participate in an ARG event 

Inquire about Employee Givebacks

Attend a local Giveback Night

Share ARG Facebook Posts 


How can I help?

​Are you looking for ways to help ARG staff & Board continue there service mission?