November 13th, Friday, 2020

The Importance of Donations + How Your Donations are Used

The Importance of Donations to Nonprofits + How Our Your Donations are Used

We all can agree that 2020 has been an unprecedented year. No one could have predicted what was in store, which is why donations to local nonprofits are even more important this year. Here’s a look at how your volunteer time and donations can make a difference.

Impact families + change lives – Charitable donations to ARG are used to assist those right here in the community. Even though you may not know the individuals on the receiving end of your donations, you can take heart in knowing it is creating a better life for someone in the tri-state and ultimately reducing the effects of poverty on our community. 

Create a better community + set an example – Making our community a better place starts with each of us as individuals. When you are working for the greater good and encouraging that behavior throughout the tri-state, chances are, others will follow your noble example.

Improve diversity + inclusion – The AIDS Resource Group, like many nonprofit organizations, was created to support vulnerable groups or minorities. Donating to our organization helps these groups thrive and supports diversity in society.

If you’ve thought about helping out a local organization in the community this year, Christmas is a great time to show your support! ARG uses your generous donations year-round to stock our food pantry, help provide housing, provide free testing and coordinate care for those with hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS or those at risk of developing these conditions. Each year at Christmas, our staff organizes an annual Graceful Giving program, which helps us to deliver food, toiletries and other necessities to those in need across the tri-state.

Learn more about our organization online and submit your donations HERE, or contact us at (812) 421-0059 for more information on how you can get more involved.