April 11th, Thursday, 2019

ARG: Who We Are + What We Do For the Community

Who is the AIDS Resource Group (ARG)? What does ARG do for our community? These are questions we hear often, but we are on a mission to spread our knowledge. We want those affected by HIV, AIDS or hepatitis C within the community to know we are here for them with  plenty of resources available.

Who is ARG?

ARG, also known as the AIDS Resource Group, was founded in 1986 as a small group of concerned and determined citizens on a mission to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS. When we first began our mission, it was at the peak of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and we knew something had to be done. We began providing support and resources while others began spreading the word about our organization.

What We Do For the Community

Since 1986, the organization has grown to provide a wide array of services for those in our community, including free testing, counseling, harm reduction presentations and education, offering safer sex materials, risk reduction and harm reduction supplies, housing assistance, a food pantry, and more! We have a highly trained staff who is equipped to counsel and aid those with or at-risk for developing HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C. Together we work with our members and board of directors to educate the community on the stigmas associated with these conditions and what we all can do to change perspectives within our community.

Community Outreach

We pride ourselves on coming to you and providing care at your location— traveling all over the tri-state to bring you the resources you need to take control of your status. Each month we schedule educational presentations and free testing in various counties to help you gain access to the resources you need. ARG hosts a weekly support group for those who’ve been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.